Black Female 3/4 Flat-Bottomed Torso Tabletop Dress Form on Chrome Metal Base

Black Female 3/4 Flat-Bottomed Torso Tabletop Dress Form on Chrome Metal Base

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Display women's clothes in style with our trendily appointed female dressform on a smooth metallic base. Can also be used for tailoring.
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height adjustable
  • Exhibit women's apparel with the touch of trendy design.
  • Appointed in black or cream and crafted in numerous sizes.
  • Fit for tailoring and sewing: thick layer of foam underneath material cover allows for pinning.
  • Adjustable height: single t-screw allows dressform to be set to the perfect height.

Elegant torso design completed with a stylish metallic base, we built our tabletop dressform to impress. The dressform is ubiquitous in the world of apparel retail as it can rightly show how the clothes fit when worn and the clever combinations they are offered in. The torso is created with a very thick and hard layer of foam covered by jersey material. The base of our tabletop models are designed to be much shorted and smaller than those of our floor standing models and can therefore perfectly blend in to complete any apparel table display. Through its appealing form, accented base and cap, and various shapes and sizes our tabletop dressforms are the perfect match for your retail experience.

In addition to retail display use, these dressforms also perform well for tailoring and sewing use. The thick layer of foam allows for pins to be stuck directly inside (and not only sideways - as is the case with many of our floor standing models). Find the perfect fit through the many sizes we offer and tailor away!

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