Coal Grey Pipeline Collection Counter Top Mirror

Coal Grey Pipeline Collection Counter Top Mirror

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This counter top mirror from the pipeline collection will give your counters a very unique look
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sku merch-PSCT1078
material metal
style pipeline
adjustable no
collapsable no
height 13.5"
length 8"
width 8"
base 8" x 8"
rolling no
  • Mirror - this large mirror will make it easy for your customers to try small merchendise on, such as jewelry, right by the counter. The mirror measures 10" in height by 7.85" in width.
  • Pipeline Collection - crafted with the look known to the New York garment center, these merchendisers (and racks) are built with authentic looking plumping pieces (pipes, connectors, knobs, etc.).
  • Heavy Duty - plumbing pieces are thick to allow this displayer to last.
  • Base - as with other bases from the pipeline series, the extra thick base (.75") is made of quality wood with a beautiful cherry stained finish.
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