Complete Rotary Cutting Mat Kit - with Second Generation Mats

Complete Rotary Cutting Mat Kit - with Second Generation Mats

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Get the complete set of our new second generation professional grade cutting mat tools and save big.

Second Generation Mats - these mats are entirely non-toxic, the numbers are now even easier to read and the measurement grid has been engineered to be even more helpful (solid lines for the full inch markings and dotted lines for the half inch markings). The foldable mats also have a redesigned non-slip crisscross print on their backs which feels like the mat is glued to the surface table when in use. Together with all of our carryover mat innovations from our first generation, these second generation mats are literally the most advanced cutting mats on the market today. Get yours today!

Each set includes our 45mm rotary cutter, transparent non-slip 6.5" x 24" ruler and following choices:

1 Rotary Cutter w/ Two 45mm SKS7 Blades  
1 Transparent Cutting Ruler - 6.5" x 24"  

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Price as configured: $39

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Brenda -
  • If you are looking for a cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler - look no further! These items are high quality and work wonderfully. I did a lot of research before making this purchase and am so glad I bought this kit. The rotary cutter cuts through fabric like butter. The folding mat is the best. Definitely get the bigger size; it is so worth it. The fold/crease in the middle disappears when opened and caused no issue for me. The transparent ruler with the square measurements is so great to have. Cutting and measuring have never been easier or quicker. I totally recommend.
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Kenny -
quality tools
  • I've been using this kit for almost a month now and all of the pieces seem to be high quality. The mat is clear and easy to read (I have the foldable version). The rotary cutter is sharp and lightweight. The extra blade is a nice touch.
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happy customer -
very usefull
  • I got the kit with the larger foldable mat - it is very well priced and nicely packaged. I expect to have lots of fun with it
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Vicki -
Great cutting kit!
  • I saw the rotary cutter at a friends and really liked the feel and ergonomic design. Best of all, the blade doesn't go all wobbly on you after you've been cutting for a while. Sliding blade cover feels secure and safe. I ordered the whole set and it's great! I was skeptical about the folding mat but this one is flawless- lays completely flat when unfolded and is held to the table surface with good gripping surface on the underside. I cut industrial felt so I need a solid and durable set- this fits the ticket. Highly recommended.
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