Complete Rotary Cutting Mat Kit - with Second Generation Mats

Complete Rotary Cutting Mat Kit - with Second Generation Mats

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Get the complete set of our new second generation professional grade cutting mat tools and save big.

Second Generation Mats - these mats are entirely non-toxic, the numbers are now even easier to read and the measurement grid has been engineered to be even more helpful (solid lines for the full inch markings and dotted lines for the half inch markings). The foldable mats also have a redesigned non-slip crisscross print on their backs which feels like the mat is glued to the surface table when in use. Together with all of our carryover mat innovations from our first generation, these second generation mats are literally the most advanced cutting mats on the market today. Get yours today!

Each set includes our 45mm rotary cutter, transparent non-slip 6.5" x 24" ruler and following choices:

1 Rotary Cutter w/ Two 45mm SKS7 Blades  
1 Transparent Cutting Ruler - 6.5" x 24"  

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Price as configured: $39

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