Rotary Cutter w/ Two 45mm SKS7 Blades

Rotary Cutter w/ Two 45mm SKS7 Blades

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Versatile and powerful, this rotary cutter will slice through many layers fabric with blissful ease.

  • "Push and Slide" button technology allows for easy activation and release of blade shield yet ensures that the shield is not set accidentally
  • Extremely sharp 45mm blade made from added tungsten and chromium (SKS7) insures minimal effort for maximum cut
  • Extra blade - for a limited time, this cutter will come with an extra blade (2 blades in total)
  • Multi or thicker layer cutting - unique blade positioning exposes a full 3/8" of the blade (when the shield is not activated) - almost 2x the blade exposure of other rotary cutters - to help cut through even more layers at a time
  • Can be used with wavy blades as well - the rotary blade nut gives clearance to the blade so that the cutter can be used with other types of blades as well (blades which are not flat, such as wavy blades)
  • Ambidextrous - can be used for both right and left hand cutting
  • Lightweight - weighs only 1.7 oz
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