Flesh Color Hanging Female Mannequin Half Width 3/4 Body - Pack of 5

Flesh Color Hanging Female Mannequin Half Width 3/4 Body - Pack of 5

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Complete your hanging clothing display with one of our high quality hanging mannequin torsos.
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sku mann-f-3-4-armless-half_width-flesh-hanging-pack5
body 3/4 armless
pose natural
material plastic
bust 27 inches
waist 22 inches
hips 26 inches
shoulder to shoulder 16 inches
torso 28 inches
support hanging
  • hanging torso - perfect for dressing the front end of an apparel hanging section.
  • torso made from quality plastic and is quite resistant to damage.
  • half width - only the front is sculpted so as to reduce the space it would consume on a hanging rack.

Nicely made from thin plastic, this hanging mannequin torso is designed to adorn the front of a clothing rack and yet not be very demanding on space. Hanging Mannequin torsos such as this one are commonly used by clothing stores to demonstrate how their clothes will look and fit when actually worn. Seeing this display is often an important deciding factor for customers. Besides, they also add a nice aesthetic touch to the otherwise basic row of hanging clothing that generally cover store's clothing racks. Purchase this torso and give your clothes the publicity they deserve.

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