Foldable Cutting Mat 18" x 24" (Second Generation)

Foldable Cutting Mat 18" x 24" (Second Generation)

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Introducing the second generation of our top selling cutting mat in a smaller profile - we kept all of the excellent features of the our first generation mat except that this second generation is non-toxic, has upgraded non-slip design on the back, enhanced numbering for better readability and a measurement grid that is much easier to use. This is the greatest and most innovative cutting mat to date!

  • Large Foldable Surface Area - enjoy this mat's large cutting area (18" x 24") without the hassle of transportation or storage. Our mat can easily fold up to half its size (12" x 18"). The folding seam is ingeniously designed to make it disappear when the mat is opened (so that it will not affect the rotary blade cut at all).
  • Non Toxic - a unique formula allows us to make these mats with non toxic materials. We are one of the only (if not the only) cutting mat manufacturers who make non-toxic mats.(NEW)
  • Self-healing - the material will swallow up and erase cut marks so that previous cuts will not affect new ones
  • Beauty - unique design, color scheme and use of larger lettering makes this mat a breath of fresh air to use
  • Perfectly calibrated - as with all of our measuring tools, the measurements are precise and are calibrated perfectly to work seamlessly with one another. The numbers have also been reorganized for even more easier use (NEW). Also, the grid has been redesigned to clearly show the difference between full inch mark (solid line) and half inch mark (dotted line) (NEW).
  • Non slip - a criss-cross rubberized print on the back of the mat keeps the mat glued to the table at all times. This redesign of the anti-slip technology (from the four large rubberized straps of our first generation mat) is far more adhesive and greatly reduces any "rubber odor". (NEW)
  • Seamless design - our unique 'wave design' seam creates a smooth and seamless surface effect when expanded so there is no worry about the seam getting in the way of your cutting
  • Measures 18" x 24" and presents a carefully calibrated measuring grid of 16" x 22". It is 2mm thick.
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