Foldable Cutting Mat 24" x 36"

Foldable Cutting Mat 24" x 36"

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This mat has everything - huge dimensions (24" x 36") which can be easily folded in half (to 18" x 24") for storage or transport.

  • Self-healing - the material will swallow up and erase cut marks so that previous cuts will not affect new ones
  • Unique design, color scheme and use of larger lettering makes this mat a breath of fresh air to use
  • Perfectly calibrated - as with all of our measuring tools, the measurements are precise and are calibrated perfectly to work seamlessly with one another
  • Non slip - four wide and rugged rubberized straps attached to the underside of the mat will keep the mat glued to the table at all times
  • Seamless design - our unique 'wave design' seam creates a smooth and seamless surface effect when expanded so there is no worry about the seam getting in the way of your cutting
  • Can also be used in its 'folded' position for use in smaller spaces
  • Measures 24" x 36" and presents a carefully calibrated measuring grid of 22" x 34". It is 2mm thick.
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amanda -
  • very nice feature and pleasant to work on
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CJ -
very large + no smell!
  • Cover my entire workspace when opened but folds away very nicely. I have gotten many cutting mats in the past that all seemed to have a bad odor. This one is completely odorless. The colors work very nicely as well.
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