Full Vision Corner Trophy Glass Display Case / Showcase

Full Vision Corner Trophy Glass Display Case / Showcase

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This ‘full vision’ tall corner trophy showcase is designed to fill in those empty corners with a beautiful and massive 60” glass display area for your stores products or your home collections. The wooden base on the bottom can be used for storage.
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sku showcase-STCC34
height 72"
length 34"
width configurable
thickness 1" aluminum. 1/4" glass
assembly instructions (pre-assembled)
  • Full Vision - full vision showcases are mostly from glass with only a small wooden storage base (besides for the black MDF kickplate) to allow for a huge visibility area and yet leave a little room for storage underneath (or simply for the aesthetics of the wood).
  • Corner Showcase - corner ‘clip’ displays are meant to line up in a corner against the two walls and the products are viewable only through the front (and side). These showcases are very common for stores (especially silver and glasses stores), schools, museums and hospitals. They are even used heavily by consumers for trophy or collections displays.
  • Dimensions - the full vision trophy corner ‘clip’ showcase is 72” in height - 60” of glass for showcasing, 8” for the wooden base and 4” for the black kickplate. We offer an option for a wooden crown on the top of the case for lighting which would add another 6” of wood to the top of the case. The depth (width) is customizable to 15” or 18”. The wooden storage base on the full vision display is 8” in height and is not recessed.
  • Shelving - the display case comes with 4 rows of glass shelving, all at 15 or 18 inches in depth (depending on the customers depth choice). These four glass shelves plus the floor of the display offer five shelves for product display. The height of the glass shelves can be adjusted.
  • Combinations - this wall corner clip tower display is fully compatible with the other wall cases in the series. As long as these other wall cases have the same depth as this corner clip (15” or 18”), the wall cases should fit snuggly into the two side angles of this corner display.
  • Options - as with all of our showcases, there are a tremendous amount of options from which to customize this case. All of the basic options are listed above the ‘add to cart’ button and the storage options are explained in a diagram in a secondary product picture. For more customization or for clarification, please do not hesitate to call us.
  • Shipping - this showcase is usually ready to ship 2-3 weeks after the order is placed.

There are two types of showcases: the poorer quality ‘knock downs’ and the high quality pre-constructed. These showcases are from the best of the higher quality pre-constructed:

  • Highest Quality - this showcase is of the best quality build and materials - if not the best - in the industry. Extreme care and precision is taken in its construction and only the best materials are used. If you plan on your showcase being in top condition several months after purchase - then you would do best to use this model.
  • Hand Built in the USA - each one of our display cases are constructed by very skilled craftsmen here in the U.S.
  • Damage Resistant - every single one of our showcases is built with a MDF wooden kickplate at the bottom (the black bottom in the picture). While many other manufacturers use the not-so-scratch resistant LDL wood, these showcase are built with the significantly tougher MDF - they are built to last.
  • Thick Construction - unlike other showcases constructed with 3/4” aluminum and 3/16” glass panels, these showcases are built with very tough 1” aluminum and 1/4” glass panels.
  • Pre-assembled and Pre-tested - no need to worry about confusing assembly instructions or missing parts (a huge issue with ‘knock down’ showcases). These glass showcases are pre-assembled and pre-tested before they leave the warehouse. There will never be missing parts and they will always arrive working.
  • Careful Shipping - the pallets are custom built around each showcase for safety and they are shipped by freight with professionals.
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