Full Vision Showcase / Display Case - 36", 48", 60" or 72" long - Queen Anne Collection

Full Vision Showcase / Display Case - 36", 48", 60" or 72" long - Queen Anne Collection

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Save hundreds of dollars with our top-of-the-line quality Queen Anne Collection full vision glass showcase.
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sku showcase-QA33-36
height 40"
length configurable
width 22"
thickness 1/4" tempered glass
assembly instructions (pre-assembled)
  • Queen Anne Collection - exquisitely crafted and curved wood furniture popularized by 18th Century England.
  • Shelving - the two very sturdy 1/4" thick tempered glass shelves are fully adjustable in height. Together with the bottom shelf ("the pad deck"), this showcase has three highly usable shelves. The upper glass shelf is12" deep and the lower one is 14" deep, to enable you to showcase your items in a tiered presentation.
  • Lighting - this case comes standard with a powerful light bar mounted under the top wooden frame.
  • Locking Doors - the doors are outfitted with a quality lock that comes standard with this showcase.
  • Color Options - the Queen Anne Collection showcases are all pictured on our site with the popular Cordovan stain color. However, we offer almost 30 other colors for you to choose from without any additional cost.
  • Shipping - this showcase is usually ready to ship 2-3 weeks after the order is placed.

There are two types of showcases: the poorer quality ‘knock downs’ and the high quality pre-constructed. These showcases are from the best of the higher quality pre-constructed:

  • Highest Quality - this showcase is of the best quality build and materials - if not the best - in the industry. Extreme care and precision is taken in its construction and only the best materials are used. If you plan on your showcase being in top condition several months after purchase - then you would do best to use this model.
  • Hand Built in the USA - each one of our display cases are constructed by very skilled craftsmen here in the U.S.
  • Pre-assembled and Pre-tested - no need to worry about confusing assembly instructions or missing parts (a huge issue with ‘knock down’ showcases). These glass showcases are pre-assembled and pre-tested before they leave the warehouse. There will never be missing parts and they will always arrive working.
  • Careful Shipping - the pallets are custom built around each showcase for safety and they are shipped by freight with professionals.
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