Professional Female Dress Form

Professional Female Dress Form

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  • Canvas Cover - beautiful, elegant, and durable, our canvas cover is designed to hold up very well to quite a bit of pinning abuse
  • Super Heavy Duty Base - the cast iron base ensures the ultimate stability for your form. The height of the form can be adjusted through the base pedal.
  • Available in sizes 0-24 - some sizes do occasionally go out of stock for a few weeks. If the size you are interested in does not show up in the 'size' dropdown below, please let us know and we can add your email to the waiting list.
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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

(circ. widest part)
(circ. narrowest part)
(circ. widest part)
(neck base to end)
bust spread
(apex to apex)
back width
(widest part)
front length
(neck base to waist)
back length
(neck base to waist)

Awesome form but the measurements don't add up exactly to your every curve? Pair your form with The Ultimate Fitting System at over 30% off list price for practically unlimited fitting options!

note: the cage underneath can easily be removed.

  • Professional - heavy duty form and partially pinnable (perfect for tailoring or even for displaying merchandise in a unique style). Partially Pinnable means that pins can be stuck in at an angle (which is how it is usually done) instead of in directly.
  • Quality Canvas - not only for aesthetics, the high quality canvas material can withstand the brutal pinning that tailors like to subject these forms to.
  • Note: shoulders on this model are not collapsible.
  • Adjustable - the torso can be raised or lower on the base through pressing your foot down on the base pedal and lifting or lowering the torso at the same time.
  • Sizes - 11 different sizes so you can design (or show) whatever you wish (each size has its number printed on the front - the images above are of the size 0)
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Liv -
Love it!
  • I have had it for quite some time now, and I absolutely love it! The base is nice and sturdy and the dressform itself withstands quite a bit of pinning without the pinholes becoming visible! (which is something I have experienced with earlier dressforms)
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Sandy -
Very pleased.
  • I am very pleased with my purchase. It arrived fast, was easy to assemble and the product is high quality. THANK YOU.
Was this review helpful?  | 
Anne -
Just got it
  • Looks lovely and was easy to put together.
    It seems very sturdy too.
Was this review helpful?  | 
Pat -
Wonderful product!
  • This is my first dress form and I am so very happy with it! The quality is excellent; the assembly was easy and quick and even though the pinning has be done on the diagonal, once you get used to it, it works out well. I was also very happy with the price. Very reasonable!
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Sarah -
Very Happy!
  • I love this dress form! It is exactly what I was hoping for and shipping was fast too! Highly recommended.
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Silvergypsy Lady -
A Dream Come True
  • I have had dress forms in the past I even made a duct tape double but was never totally happy with them. This dress form is fantastic! I love how sturdy it is. I'm so glad I bought this. I know it will be well used in the coming years. I also bought the Fabulous Fit Kit but haven't had a chance yet to add any of it to my dress form.
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Aunt Pam -
Professional Female Dress Form
  • Ordered this form for my daughter, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it arrived. She is very happy with it.
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Kiti -
Good value
  • I am pleased with my order.
    Good value.
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Jaci -
Amazing value
  • I can't believe the quality of this dress form for the price! Professional quality, fantastic customer service, free shipping and a reasonable turnaround time. It was well packaged for transport and arrived pristine, and now sits in my workroom ready for the many dresses to come! Highly recommended.
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Janelle -
I'm Very Pleased
  • Even though I had some difficulty in the shipment of my dress form, it was all figured and handled in a professional manner. It was easy to assemble and everything I can expect in a professional dress form. I can wait to start draping on it. :)
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Francine -
Dress form
  • I'm so please with my dress form! I've been waiting so long to get one and was sceptical to by one without actually seeing it, its better than I could imagine!
    Thank you so much!
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Kelly -
Beyond pleased
  • Thank you for a well made product, timely delivery and great prices. So pleased I bought my dress from from your company.
Was this review helpful?  | 
Nicole -
Beautiful and great quality
  • I love my dress form! It has all the style lines that have helped tremendously when draping. Great quality, easy to stick pins into/remove, and easy to move around. Also has a very professional look for such a great price..highly recommend.
Was this review helpful?  | 
Barbara -
  • Fast delivery, easy to put together, a quality product.
Was this review helpful?  | 
Rob -
Great Fit
  • I purchased this for my girlfriend and she loved it so much she named it. It's helping her to take her sewing to the next level. Great fit
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Fashiondiva -
Very Useful Dressmaking Tool
  • Since I have been working with a number of plus size clients recently, I felt I should invest in a large size dress form to add to my collection. This form is very handy, although not padded as thickly as other forms, (which are also much more expensive!), and is very useful for me as a fitting tool. It is also much more sturdy and stable than so called "adjustable" forms which often have parts break and wobble a great deal.
    I find the form very aesthetic and easy to work with. Good solid base on casters allow for easy moving. Am very happy with this product!
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Alex -
I'm content
  • i'm pleased with my purchase from you, I haven't got to use it yet but i expect to soon and foresee no problems
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cakemakinpatty -
  • I am a self-taught seamstress and I am in love with this dressform. I bought the fitting pad kit with it and I was able to customize the form to my unique shape. I was able to drape and pattern an evening wear dress.

    I am very excited to continue using this product!
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andrew76 -
great for tailoring
  • These forms work pretty well for my amateur tailoring needs. I can stick pins in them but only at an angle (I guess this is what they mean by 'partially pinnable') and they hold pretty well. The pedal on the base works nicely for changing the height (you have to press the pedal and adjust the form with your hands to the desired position and then let go off the pedal to set the position in place).
    Overall its a pretty good form.
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