White Female Dressform on Burgundy Wood Tripod Base

White Female Dressform on Burgundy Wood Tripod Base

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Display clothing in elegance with our white female dress form on a burgundy colored wood tripod base.
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Price From: $89
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sku df-f_white_bur-w-tripod-conf
height adjustable
assembly instructions how to assemble a dressform with a wooden tripod base

Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

torso model size bust waist hips size (numeric)
flat extra small 33 23 33 0
  small 33 24 34 2-4
  medium 35 26 36 6-8
  large 39 31 41 10-12
  extra large 44 35 45 18-20
  xx large 47 41 48 22
crotch extra small 32 22 33 0
  small 34 24 33 2-4
  small 35 25 34 6-8

Use the product’s drop down menus to configure this dress form to your needs. Once fully configured, the product images should reflect the dress form choices you have made.

  • Full Package - this product is the full dress form package - which includes the torso, base and neck cap. For the individual dress form pieces and other available covers, please see our dress form accessories section.
  • Covers - while this dress form package comes with either a white or black cover, covers in other colors can be purchased separately (here). The covers fit any of our female dress form torsos (flat or crotch) in size medium or under.
  • Adjustable Height - multiple t-screws (one on the pole and one under the torso) allow for a wide range adjusting the dress form to the perfect height - from 4.5 to 6 feet.
  • Multiple Connectors - our dress form torsos are built with two connectors underneath for attaching the base pole (one in the center and one to left). Using the leftmost connector for the pole (not pictured) will allow this dress form to be fitted with pants (as the pole will go through the left trouser leg). Please note that in our current models only the "crotch bottom" torsos have the dual connectors. The "flat bottom" models have a single connector in the middle (and not on the side).
  • Sewing - can be used for displaying clothing in a store, dressing outfits at home, or sewing. A layer of foam underneath the fabric cover allows for pinning. For more advanced tailoring and more size options, please see our professional dress forms.


Showcase your designs at their most appealing with this premium dressform. This white female dress form is also available with a black cover and has a burgundy wood tripod base. Our dressforms emphasize versatility, featuring multiple connectors at the base to allow them to be fitted with open-bottomed as well as pants by moving the center pole into the left position, and also offer an adjustable height with multiple t-screws for a height range from 4.5 to 6 feet tall. These dressforms feature a layer of foam to allow pinning for tailoring and alterations as well as being suitable for standard mannequin use. This dress form set includes the torso, base and neck cap, but individual pieces are also available in our store. The torso of this dress form comes in both flat bottom and crotch bottom models to fit your needs. Give your style the spotlight it deserves with this professional quality female dress form.

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Angel H. -
great form but with a bit of difficulty
  • I ordered a white and they sent me a black one by mistake. I don't hold them at fault as they replaced it right away. Otherwise, the form is great.
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lolly k. -
read the instructions!
  • I bought three of these for my boutique and I tried to put them together without following the instructions and I broke one of the bases. Only afterwards did I realize that these guys have wrote up full instructions (link on this product page). I contacted the company and they sent me a new base. I do not know if this is their policy to send replacements but I do appreciate the excellent customer service.
    the burgundy base looks great with the white torso. Good mannequin and good service!
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