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Female Dress Forms

Black Female Dressform on Black Wood Tripod Base

Female Dress Forms

Black Female Dressform on Black Wood Tripod Base

Display clothing in elegance with our black female dress form on a black colored wood tripod base.
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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

torso modelsizebustwaisthipssize (numeric)
flatextra small3323330
 extra large44354518-20
 xx large47414822
crotchextra small3222330

Use the product’s drop down menus to configure this dress form to your needs. Once fully configured, the product images should reflect the dress form choices you have made.

  • Full Package - this product is the full dress form package - which includes the torso, base and neck cap. For the individual dress form pieces and other available covers, please see our dress form accessories section.
  • Covers - while this dress form package comes with either a white or black cover, covers in other colors can be purchased separately (here). The covers fit any of our female dress form torsos (flat or crotch) in size medium or under.
  • Adjustable Height - multiple t-screws (one on the pole and one under the torso) allow for a wide range adjusting the dress form to the perfect height - from 4.5 to 6 feet.
  • Multiple Connectors - our dress form torsos are built with two connectors underneath for attaching the base pole (one in the center and one to left). Using the leftmost connector for the pole (not pictured) will allow this dress form to be fitted with pants (as the pole will go through the left trouser leg). Please note that in our current models only the "crotch bottom" torsos have the dual connectors. The "flat bottom" models have a single connector in the middle (and not on the side).
  • Sewing - can be used for displaying clothing in a store, dressing outfits at home, or sewing. A layer of foam underneath the fabric cover allows for pinning. For more advanced tailoring and more size options, please see our professional dress forms.


A high quality dress form enhances the look of your designs, and this complete dressform kit featuring a black wooden tripod base, matching neck cap and flat bottom or crotch bottom torso is an outstanding choice for a tailor, a fashion designer or a retail store. This dress form has a layer of foam for pinning and alterations covered by a standard black cover. Other cover colors are also available in our online store along with extra dressform components, and all compatible covers are designed to fit our full line of female dress forms size medium and under. The base connects to the torso at multiple points to allow display of pants as well as dresses, and the dressform features a fully adjustable height from 4.5 to 6 feet for added versatility. With their full list of features and outstanding value, our dressforms offer the most in flexibility and function to all lovers of style.

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