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Black Female Dressform Torso

Display clothing or jewelry in elegance with one of our expertly designed dress form torsos.
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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

torso modelsizebustwaisthipssize (numeric)
flatextra small3323330
 extra large44354518-20
 xx large47414822
crotchextra small3222330

  • Appointed in black or white and crafted in numerous sizes.
  • Fit for tailoring and sewing: thin layer of foam underneath cover allows for pinning.
  • Multiformat display: dual connectors allow form to be attached to display with or without pants / trousers. Please note that in our current models only the "crotch bottom" torsos have the dual connectors. The "flat bottom" models have a single connector in the middle (and not on the side).
  • Adjustable height: t-screws in connectors allow for height adjustments.

Normally part of our full dress form package, we here offer the torso alone for purchase. The actual torso is crafted from fiberglass, wrapped in a layer of foam and covered in jersey material. On the underside of the torso, we have placed two pole connectors - one in the center and the other to the torso's left side. When just displaying a shirt, dress, or gown the torso can be attached to the base from its center connector (as shown in the pictures above). Should you wish to display pants / trousers as well, the torso can be attached through the left connector (in which case the base pole will be inside of the left pant leg). The torso can be attached to a pole of any height, floor standing or tabletop.

In addition to retail display use, our torso can also perform well for tailoring and sewing use. The layer of foam underneath the covering fabric allows for pinning (sideways - not direct - as the foam layer is made thin in effort to keep the overall rigid contour of the base). Find the perfect fit through the many sizes we offer and tailor away!

In effort to avoid confusion we reiterate that this product is the torso only not a full dress form

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