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Male Dress Forms

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our male dress form collection

What can these male dress forms be used for?

Our male dress forms are used widely throughout the United States by clothing/ accessories stores to display men's clothing and related items (including by online sellers for product photography) and by amateur tailors for styling, draping and sewing men's clothing.

the full man's dress form package

What is included in the male dress form package?

These male floor standing dress forms are full packages in that they include the male torso, torso cover, neck cap, and base. We offer the cheapest and the most configurable choices of the dress form package.

many different sizes for the male dress form

What sizes do you carry your dress forms in? Are they adjustable?

We generally carry two different sizes in these standard male dress forms, medium and large. The exact measurements are shown on the product pages. You can choose the size you want (as well as the color) directly from the product page.

The above is in regards to these male standard forms. We usually carry up to 6 different sizes (36-46) in our professional male forms.

The width measurements of our forms (bust, waist, and hips) are not adjustable, however the height of the torso can be raised or lowered on the base pole.

difference between male standard and professional dress forms

Difference between these standard male dress forms and the professional forms

The male forms in this category are our standard models. We also carry professional male dress forms which can be found in our professional category. The basic difference between the two is that these standard male forms were created primarily for display while the professionals were created primarily for sewing. However, both can be used for sewing and displaying clothing.

fully pinnable and partially pinnable dress forms

Are these forms pinnable?

As is the case with most of the male dress forms on the market, our male dress forms are pinnable yet, due to the thickness of the layer of foam, the pin must be inserted at an angle (as shown in the top diagram) and not directly (as shown in the bottom diagram). Should you require direct pinning, we do carry several 'fully pinnable' forms in the tabletop section (fully pinnable tabletop dress forms).

dual connectors for displaying trousers as well

Can they be used to display men's pants as well?

With most dress forms on the market, it is very difficult for pants to be displayed as it would require tearing a hole in the crotch of the pants for the dress form pole to fit through. However, our dress forms are uniquely designed to allow for pants to be displayed as well (without the need to destroy the pants). Dual connectors on the underside of our forms allow them to be attached to the pole either through the center of through the left side (through a pant leg). All of our floor standing models and many of our tabletop models have these dual connectors.

accessories for your male dress form

Do you only need a dress form part instead of the whole package?

The dress forms listed in this category are full packages (as mentioned earlier), however we do offer the individual pieces for sale as well in our dress form accessories category.

more dress form information in our full dressform guide

Need to know more?

We have written up a full guide to our dressforms (here) that address many of these points in addition to many others. We have also published fully detailed assembly guides for these dressforms (accessible through their product pages).

If you have any questions please call or email us - we are here to help!