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Loose Tape Measure - 60 in / 150 cm

For shorter cuts, nothing can compare to our heavy duty loose tape measure.

  • Full length and double sided - one side is fully inches (60) and the other is fully centimeters (150)
  • Easy to read print- you just can't get any clearer than our black on white large lettering design
  • Super ultra wide - we made our loose tape a very sturdy 19mm (3/4") wide - even wider than our already thickened retractable model
  • The "0" measurement starts exactly from the metal tips (instead of from some unmarked location some near the beginning that is customary with other tape measures on the market)
  • Metal tips secured with metal rivets (instead of simple plastic tips secured with glue) will ensure that these tips will not separate from tape
  • Extremely durable PVC coated polyester tape material
  • Transparent plastic storage case included
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