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Table Top

White Child Dress form on Chrome Tabletop Base

Table Top

White Child Dress form on Chrome Tabletop Base

Display children's and young adult's clothes in style with our trendily appointed child dressform on a smooth metallic base. Can also be used for tailoring.
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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

small2-3 years221922
medium5-6 years262325
large7-8 years272326

  • Exhibit children's apparel in the best of classical elegance.
  • Appointed in black or white and crafted in numerous sizes.
  • Adjustable height: single t-screw allows for a wide range of height settings.
  • Fit for tailoring and sewing: thin layer of foam underneath cover allows for pinning.
  • Pole connected from the side to allow for display with pants / trousers / skirt / dress / gown.

Elegant torso design completed with a stylish metallic base, we built our dressform to impress. The dressform is ubiquitous in the world of apparel retail as it can rightly show how the clothes fit when worn and the clever combinations they are offered in. The actual torso is crafted from fiberglass, wrapped in a layer of foam and covered in jersey material. On the underside of the torso, we have placed a single pole connector to the torso's left side (instead of in the direct center - there is just not enough room under there for two connectors). This allows for displaying pants / trousers as well  (in which case the base pole will be inside of the left pant leg). Our appealing form, accented base and cap, and multiple torso colors and sizes allow the perfect match for your retail experience.

In addition to retail display use, our dressforms also perform well for tailoring and sewing use. The layer of foam underneath the covering fabric allows for pinning (sideways - not direct - as the foam layer is made thin in effort to keep the overall rigid contour of the base). Find the perfect fit through the many sizes we offer and tailor away!

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