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What are professional dress forms and how are they different than the standard forms?

Professional dress forms (also known as tailor dress forms, seamstress form, and sewing dress forms), like the standard forms can be used for both creating and displaying clothing. However, the professionals were built from the ground up for sewing, draping and fitting. Constructed with much higher quality materials, they are excellent for sewing and they can keep in tip top shape for a very long time. Once only the tool for tailors/ seamstresses, these professional forms have now also become very popular for stores looking to display clothing with a unique 'high quality tailored' look.

always on sale professional dress form prices

What is the story with the pricing?

We pride ourselves in having the lowest prices available for high quality professional forms. We even consistently beat our competitor's sale prices. The reason we are able to drop the prices this dramatically is that the majority of our customers are stores who generally order in bulk quantities and our prices reflect the bulk discount. Of course, we still will always gladly accept even single unit purchases. We hope you enjoy our 'always on sale' prices as much as we enjoy offering them.

materials used in the professional dress forms

What type of materials are used in these professional dress forms?

As mentioned earlier, our professionals were built to perform and to last performing. Accordingly, we have used very high quality materials in every part of its construction. Inside the form, a thick layer of foam covers a hard fiberglass shell which allows the very sturdy pinning. The fabric cover is canvas which gives the form a linen-like look yet offers the durability for extended use. The knob at the neck cap and poles are constructed from heavy and tough metal.

the base of the professional dress form

How sturdy is the base of the form?

In short, the base is heavy like those anvils from the old cartoons and we generally advise our customers to never drop the base on anyone they know. Do you remember those old and cheap dress forms that always wobbled and leaned to one side? Our professional forms only wobble in earthquakes...

The bases on all of our models, besides for the entry level magnetic collapsible shoulders model, come with a pedal that adjusts the height of the form along the base pole.

multiple sizing options in professional dress forms

Find your exact size

As the professionals were built with sewing in mind, we try to stock as many sizes as possible. For instance, most of our professional female forms have up to 11 sizes (0-20) and our male professional forms have six (36-46). These sizes are based on the industry average for that size and while every human body is uniquely shaped we hope that you will be able to find the size that fits the closest.

collapsible shoulders on the professional dress form

What is the benefit to collapsible shoulders (or removable magnetic shoulders)?

Collapsible shoulders are for tighter fitting clothing. Real people are only able to fit tight clothing on themselves by rotating and contracting their shoulders - something a basic dress form cannot do. The collapsible shoulders and the removable magnetic shoulders options are designed to fix this issue.

removable cages underneath the professional dressforms

Can the cages be removed?

The cages on our professional dress forms are there to help with fitting and for hanging materials. If they are not needed, the cages can easily be unscrewed and removed.

more dress form information in our full dressform guide

Need to know more?

We have written up a full guide to our dressforms (here) that address many of these points in addition to many others. We have also published fully detailed assembly guides for these dressforms (accessible through their product pages).

If you have any questions please call or email us - we are here to help!