The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting Pad System by Fabulous Fit

The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting Pad System by Fabulous Fit

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Let's lay out the facts - most people do not fall under the 'normal' size - to the point where we wonder why 'normal' is considered normal. If you belong to the majority of people out there who do not fit exactly into the normal sizes, then this patented fitting system by our dearest friends at Fabulous Fit is a must have addition to your professional dress form!

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Regular Price: $127

Special Price: $85

(limited time offer)

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Important: the majority of the padding kit orders will ship directly from Fabulous Fit's in California. If you are ordering both a dress form and this padding system, there is a good chance that one will arrive before the other (as our forms are shipped from our own warehouse in New Jersey - which is on the other side of the country).

Size Matchup Chart:

Fabulous Fit System SizeFinal size of the form (after the padding is added)
Small0 - 4
Medium6 - 10
Large12 - 16
Extra Large18 - 20

Make any one of our professional dress forms fit your unique sizes with the ultimate and only fitting system by the world's most renown 'fitters' at Fabulous Fit.

  • Designed with extreme care and passion by the renown fitting authority Fabulous Fit.
  • Customize your new professional dress form by The Shop Company to match your every curve!
  • Each Package includes:
    • 2 shoulder pads
    • 2 bust pads
    • 2 back hip pads
    • 2 upper hip pads
    • 2 thigh pads
    • 2 side back pads
    • 1 stomach pad
    • 4 filler pads (which can be added under any of the above larger pads to increase the area)
    • Cover Type: "Regular" comes with 2 pure cotton stretch half body covers (neck to bottom of half body form), one with side seams and one with princess seams.
    • Cover Type: "Full Body" comes with 1 pure cotton stretch full body covers (neck to ankle) with a zipper in the back for easy installation.
    • complete instructions and how-to measure and pad guide
  • All above pads can be interchanged to achieve the most perfect fit. They are also fully pinnable.
  • Works for all body types, including - but definitely not limited to - round shoulders, Dowagers Hump, straight broad shoulders, wide back, small back, high rib cage, high bust line, large bust line, low bust line / high waist, large stomach, high upper hip area, full upper hip, thighs and large hips. The included instructions illustrate exactly how the pads can be added for each and every one of these body types.
  • How to shape a TSC professional dress form with The Fitting System by Fabulous FIt:
    12 images of  how a professional dress form by The Shop Company can be fitted with the ultimate dress form padding system by Fabulous Fit
  • Yes, it can do any shape!
    Fabulous Fit padding system can make a form by The Shop Company into anything
  • and that's it - it just works so well!
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Greg -
Worked as expected
  • I make costumes for various shaped people and the kit worked for me on the first try to get the bust area on my latest commission much more accurate than the plain dress form allowed. The knit covers and foam pieces are well made. I realize that it is impossible to make a kit to accommodate every possible shape, but a few more pieces would be a nice addition to the kit to get a little better bang for the buck. Four more larger pieces would make my grade 5 stars. TSC did have the kit at the lowest price I could find which made it easier to take the plunge and purchase it.
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Laura -
Amateur seamstress, spoon shape, having a little trouble
  • I like the idea of this kit but I have such a drastic spoon shape I am struggling with getting it to work. I've used up almost all the pads and I get the measurements i need for the waist and hips specifically, but it looks so lumpy, I'm not sure in other places it's really "me." There are so many other measurements recommended to help place the foam and shape the form I'm a little overwhelmed; I think the instructions assume more experience in measuring people in these detailed ways, I feel like I don't get it somehow. I'll keep playing with it.
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Andrea -
Timely, easy to use, highly recommend
  • This product enabled the profession dress form I bought to conform to my shape perfectly and easily. Pads are study and easy to change if necessary. I am pleased with the product and the timely customer service'

    I highly recommend this product.
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Robin -
Very Pleased
  • The pads worked well for me. I was very happy with the covers as well. It's nice that the outside cover has raised seam lines like the original. I found it easier to pin the pads to the form with flat head pins. That way the pads stay put when you roll the first cover on.
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Jacki -
  • After trying to make my own dress forms, I finally decided to order one and use this kit. It's perfect! The shape of the pads and the amount provided were more than I needed to get the right shape.

    Easy, functional, and accurate! I was able to meet my exact measurements.

    Perfect for draping for sewing for myself.

    Definitely recommend if you want a form that looks like your body and has your measurements.
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Katherine -
made my perfect match
  • if you care about exact measurements, these pads can do it for you. Many of my numbers were several inches off the form I needed to get and the pads helped me make the form perfect. great pads and great price. Well worth it!
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Luxx -
Functional, but questionable value
  • I ordered this customization set in order to dress my new Shop Company form to match my body type; I primarily make tight-fitting historical costumes, so the idea was to limit awkward self-fittings and to rely on my form to serve as a decent representation.

    I used nearly all of the pads in the kit, and will say that the two included covers are of a good quality. The pads themselves, however, leave much to be desired: while adding some curves and bulk as they should, they do not all well conform to the shape of the dressform, resulting in some awkward bumps and ridges.

    While the shape is not exact, I was able to achieve the correct measurements and proportions, and would therefore say that the kit is functional. If it were $25 less I would rate it higher for value, but at nearly $80 I am not as impressed.
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Lynne -
Home Sewist
  • This is a great idea, and the product is high quality.
    I purchased it to modify my full-body dress form. However, for me, it wasn't as practically useful as I had hoped.
    I did use 4 of the 12 or so pads that come in the "kit".
    And although they worked nicely, for the price (even on "sale" it's a bit high for foam rubber....) I would have done almost as well with batting. (I still have to use some thin batting to smooth out some areas where the rubber pads didn't quite reach, or where the rubber shapes just didn't quite make it right. I think it's a better produce for a professional who needs to change the sizes of forms for a large variety of customers. For that, it would be brilliant.
    It also comes with two knit covers to smooth out the foam pads over the dress form. (This makes for a very nice, smooth surface.) These are both very well and sturdily made. (So you are getting more than just foam rubber for your $$$!)
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Oliver -
very useful & great price
  • This padding kit really saved me - lots of customization available. TSC is also selling it for far less than anywhere else I checked up online - plus it works very well with their forms (I got a collaspible shoulder sz 14). A solid purchase.
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cakemakinpatty -
  • This product allowed me to fully customize my dressform!

    I love it.
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