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Professional Dress Forms

Fabulous Fit® Fitting System

88% of 100

Professional Dress Forms

Fabulous Fit® Fitting System

88% of 100
Let's lay out the facts - most people do not fall under the 'normal' size - to the point where we wonder why 'normal' is considered normal. If you belong to the majority of people out there who do not fit exactly into the normal sizes, then this patented fitting system by our dearest friends at Fabulous Fit is a must have addition to your professional dress form!
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Size Matchup Chart:

Fabulous Fit System SizeFinal size of the form (after the padding is added)
Small0 - 4
Medium6 - 10
Large12 - 16
Extra Large18 - 20

Make any one of our professional dress forms fit your unique sizes with the ultimate and only fitting system by the world's most renown 'fitters' at Fabulous Fit.

  • Designed with extreme care and passion by the renown fitting authority Fabulous Fit.
  • Customize your new professional dress form by The Shop Company to match your every curve!
  • Each Package includes:
    • 2 shoulder pads
    • 2 bust pads
    • 2 back hip pads
    • 2 upper hip pads
    • 2 thigh pads
    • 2 side back pads
    • 1 stomach pad
    • 4 filler pads (which can be added under any of the above larger pads to increase the area)
    • Cover: available in three styles: Half Body (no legs), 3/4 Body (partial legs) and Full Body (full legs). Each cover type has princess seams.
    • complete instructions and how-to measure and pad guide
  • All above pads can be interchanged to achieve the most perfect fit. They are also fully pinnable.
  • Works for all body types, including - but definitely not limited to - round shoulders, Dowagers Hump, straight broad shoulders, wide back, small back, high rib cage, high bust line, large bust line, low bust line / high waist, large stomach, high upper hip area, full upper hip, thighs and large hips. The included instructions illustrate exactly how the pads can be added for each and every one of these body types.
  • How to shape a TSC professional dress form with The Fitting System by Fabulous FIt:
    12 images of  how a professional dress form by The Shop Company can be fitted with the ultimate dress form padding system by Fabulous Fit
  • Yes, it can do any shape!
    Fabulous Fit padding system can make a form by The Shop Company into anything
  • and that's it - it just works so well!
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