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Professional Dress Forms

Extremely durable and bursting with functionality, our Professional Dress Form line is the #1 choice by professional and aspiring fashion designers all over the world. Our forms are available in a wide range of sizes, body types and functions and are priced so affordably that anyone can become a pro. Come and see for yourself what all the professionals are raving about!

Our Winning Professional Dressmaker Forms

More than 40,000 clothing brands, fashion designers, and galleries trust TSC forms.

Our new Display Dress Form line

Display Dress Forms

Display dress forms are covered in canvas and foam similar to our Professional Dress Form line but are meant primarily for display purposes. However, our new line has many significant upgrades which allows them to be used for design as well. We have introduced many new base options, colors and accessories for these display dress form models. A ton of options at great prices and, as always, free US shipping.


Hard body mannequins are designed exclusively for display purposes. We produce a wide range of full body mannequins, torsos and other parts in both male and female - all in four color choices: black, white, camel and grey. Our torso mannequins can also be further customized with 15 different base options.

Male and Female Mannequin Full Body, Torsos and Parts

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Fashion design tools carefully designed to maximize your creativity.

  • our professional dress form collection
    Professional Dress Forms

    Professional Dress Forms

  • our display dress form collection
    Display Dress Forms

    Display Dress Forms

  • male, female and child mannequins
    Hard Body Mannequins

    Hard Body Mannequins

Relied on by the most prolific fashion schools, students and production studios.


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    It makes our job a lot harder but we work tirelessly to develop extremely useful dress form and mannequin models while still keeping the price remarkably low. Spend less, design more!

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