Professional Female Dressmaker Dress Form with Removable Arms

Professional Female Dressmaker Dress Form with Removable Arms

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  • Removable Arms - these models come with two full arms which can be easily attached and detached from the form.
  • Canvas Cover - beautiful, elegant, and durable, our canvas cover is designed to hold up very well to quite a bit of pinning abuse
  • Super Heavy Duty Base - a solid cast iron base ensures the ultimate stability for your form. The height of the form can be adjusted through the base pedal.
  • Available in sizes 0-20 - some sizes do occasionally go out of stock for a few weeks. If the size you are interested in does not show up in the 'size' dropdown below, please let us know and we can add your email to the waiting list.
  • assembly instructions

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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

(circ. widest part)
(circ. narrowest part)
(circ. widest part)
(neck base to end)
bust spread
(apex to apex)
back width
(widest part)
front length
(neck base to waist)
back length
(neck base to waist)

Awesome form but the measurements don't add up exactly to your every curve? Pair your form with The Ultimate Fitting System at over 30% off list price for practically unlimited fitting options!

note: the cage underneath can easily be removed.

  • Professional - heavy duty form and partially pinnable (perfect for tailoring or even for displaying merchandise in a unique style)
  • Comes with two easily removable arms.
  • Quality Canvas - not only for aesthetics, the high quality canvas material can withstand the brutal pinning that tailors like to subject these forms to.
  • Note: shoulders on this model are not collapsible.
  • Adjustable - the torso can be raised or lower on the base through pressing your foot down on the base pedal and lifting or lowering the torso at the same time.
  • Sizes - 11 different sizes so you can design (or show) whatever you wish (each size has its number printed on the front - the images above are of the size 0)
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TF -
Excellent dress form
  • This dress form is sized exactly as described. The arms function beautifully and can rotate a full 360 degrees and remain in place while adhering draping tape or styling to the bodice. They are simple and smooth to remove and click on as well. The form is sturdy and marked in all necessary parts.
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Perfect in all aspects
  • I am extremely happy with this product, it was very easy to put together, and perfect for all my sewing needs.
    Best of all was the customer service I received.
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arms are great -
  • arms click on and off the form very easily and are very stable. a pleasure to work with!
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Kate -
Best ever!
  • I have been longing for a dress form that doesn't set me back a pretty penny. This is it!
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SusanK13 -
  • I cannot tell you how happy I am with this form. I am grateful that I can buy a great dressmaker form without spending $800 to $1000. I purchased the size 6 and I also purchased The Ultimate Dress Form Fitting system in medium. I am able to use this form to fit size 6, 8, and 10. This is a very high quality dressmaker form!!
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Laura -
Amateur seamstress, a real treat for me
  • The form arrived and was pretty easy to put together. The instructions didn't really help much but I am pretty handy mechanically so I figured it out. Took about 15 minutes. One of the arms had a bent metal piece where it attaches to the form but this was easy to fix carefully with some pliers. I am an amateur seamstress and this was my birthday present. I am pretty pleased. I also bought the fabulous fit kit along with this and am having some difficulties with that, but I am trying to get the bottom half of a size six form to a 12-14 so . . . . I'm not surprised. I can't lose the weight so I guess I will have to struggle with the fit kit!!
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Brad -
Great form at a great price
  • We were very happy with the order of this dress form. I made a mistake and thought the shoulders were collapsable, but all-in-all it was exactly as described. The material on the outside feels more polyester than our other dress forms, but other than that we could not find anything that didn't match the dress forms at 4 times the price. Love the cage, it was easy to put the pieces together when we received the box. All-in-all, we plan on ordering more for this company and I've spread the word to other companies.
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Cally -
how did I ever not have this form
  • So I have had this form with arms for almost a year now and I cannot imagine how I every survived without it. It just makes my pattern design soooo much easier. It is also holding up very well.
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JC -
Very disappointing construction and quality.
  • I bought this product in all sizes minus size 8 (it was out of stock) early 2015. From the moment the forms started to arrive I had problems with them. One was missing the pole (this took weeks to solve with customer service), a cage on one form was deformed (I was told to fix it myself). Also after placing my order I was informed some of the sizes were out of stock and I had to wait months to receive them. Customer service has been very understanding but unfortunately I am now stuck with forms that have defective poles (some of the forms are no longer height adjustable due to defective parts). I contacted customer service about this issue January 2016 and I was told I would be able to exchange the poles as soon as new ones were in stock. It is now June 2016 and still no word. All forms have been used lightly over the past year and a half so I do not understand how there can be this many problems with them. Everyone raves about them and I sadly can not say I've had the same experience, at all. I do NOT recommend this particular product.
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Luxx -
Professional Quality
  • I am very pleased with the quality of the dressform ordered from The Shop Company. It is solidly constructed with ease of use in mind; the wheeled base is well weighted and solid, while very easy to move. The arms are likewise easy to remove and position, making for a great additional tool. The measurements were as published, and the aesthetics are pleasing.
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Kathy -
Form Review
  • I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. Quick shipment also.
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S.L. -
pleasently pleased
  • Disclaimer: I am more of hobbyist than a professional fashion designer but I knew that a professional form was what I needed properly create my patterns. This was a big order for me so I was a bit apprehensive. However, when the form arrived (quickly, I might add) I was amazed. It seems to be very sturdy and of very high quality. My pins held well with the fabric and it is proving very useful for my designs. Very excited!
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Alex -
the arms are very useful
  • I design womens fashion and I pretty much now have every single size of this model that TSC carries. The arms are very useful in my line of work and these forms last really well. I would order 22 to 26s if they stocked them.
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Maya -
Gorgeous and Well-Made!
  • This form looks great and is very well-made. I love it!
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Navi -
Great quality!
  • Just received this form and already love it! Very good quality and in perfect condition. Took about 5 minutes to assemble and the arms fit perfectly when hooked on. I love it!!
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