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Professional Female Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders

Professional Female Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders

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Professional female dress form for the hardcore tailors and for store displays looking for a unique style. This model has collapsible shoulders for full flexibility.

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(26 reviews)
Melinda -
Great addition to my life!
  • I'm mostly using this for my knitted things. It's so helpful to see them on a form! I'm going to need to adjust this a bit, but not a lot. I bought the size 8 which is smaller than me in the waist, but otherwise a good fit. I'm 5'4" 130ish.

    It was easy to put together. Great value.
30/12/15 12:23 PM
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Marie -
Fast shipping, excellent product
  • I love this dress form! Product is just as described, easy to assemble, and product shipped the next day.
11/09/14 09:22 PM
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MinnesotaJane -
Awesome dress form
  • I love this dress form! Very affordable, heavy-duty base, and easy to raise the height up or down. I plan to order another form in a different size to expand my range of draping.

    i think they could improve their shipping process; after placing my order and waiting a few days, I still hadn't received a shipping confirmation or notification and had to email the company. They responded in a timely manner and sent me a tracking number.
    Just keep in mind that you may have to follow-up on your order.
12/04/14 08:49 AM
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Carynification -
Great affordable form
  • Quick and good quality at an affordable price.
19/11/14 09:04 PM
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jacqui -
really fast and perfect conditions
  • I got my new dressform in less than a week, It is not heavy, really beautiful shape, I love the collapsible shoulders.
    the only thing I dont love, is that you cant pin too deep, because the cover is really thin.
17/10/14 12:47 PM
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Dsmith -
Awesome dress form
  • Really easy to set up. I'm not a mechanical genius but everything straightforward and came together quickly. Most's wonder to have a dress form that I can use to check out the drape, fit and just generally see how a project is going. i love love love it.

    Well made, quality item. Thank you for great craftsmanship at an affordable price. Highly recommend.
12/10/14 11:11 PM
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elke -
waited too long!!!
  • I've been using an adjustable form with size dials. I don't know why I didn't purchase a professional dress form right away. I finally decided to take the plunge, thinking it was cost prohibitive - I was wrong. I checked a few other places really like the family business nature of this company and chose to give them my business.

    I"m thrilled to have their professional dress form. collapsable shoulders a must. As soon as I have a larger studio space i will order another size.

10/10/14 12:13 AM
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Lex -
Very pleased with my bodyform
  • Theshopcompany ship very very fast. I needed this dressform for school and I was pleased with the quality and fast shipping. Only issue I do have is the putting the wheel in place on the bottom of the dressform. Other than that perfect deal.
29/09/14 09:45 AM
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joanna -
  • Super duper happy with my beautiful dress form. So easy to put together, sturdy base, pedals works well to adjust height, and the body seems well made. Adjustable shoulders are awesome - very excited to have this form after coveting it for a while!
07/05/14 11:22 PM
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LizaTailor -
Quite Satisfactory!
  • One week after I placed my order, my new dress form arrived. Within ten minutes of its arrival, I had it set up and ready to use. Particularly I am impressed with the heavy duty sturdy base, quick and easy height adjustment, and smooth function of the collapsible shoulders -- no wobbling and no hassles! If I could wish for one more bit of perfection in this dress form, it would be for the covering to be more durable-looking. However, as I am the only person who will use this dress form and will usually pad parts of it before draping, I doubt this will become an issue for me. I confess to being anxious before the dress form arrived: due to the comparatively low price, I feared that the quality might not be what I hoped. But my fears are allayed and I am very pleased. Thank you!
18/07/14 12:09 PM
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Kirsten Pagie -
Extremely Impressed
  • Overall this form is everything I could ever want! The price was fabulous as well as the customer service. My questions were answered in a timely manner and they couldn't have been more helpful. The shipping was quick which I appreciated. The assembly directions were straight forward and to the point making it easy to assemble. The size I was worried about purchasing at first however, it is true to size. I also recommend that everyone should buy the collapsable shoulders. They have been a life savor putting gowns on and off so easily. I have had this form now for over a month and I'm so satisfied with this product that I will purchase another in the near future!
Verified Buyer 17/07/14 05:14 PM
  • more than 1 year(s)
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Deeaudy -
Great customer service
  • I couldn't believe how fast delivery was. Having an issue with height adjustment pole, but customer service has been excellent and I feel satisfied that the issue will be resolved. Love the look and impressed by the quality of this form for. Such a great price. Five stars for prompt delivery and friendly and quick answers from staff.
15/07/14 01:10 PM
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Devyn -
Fantastic Product. On Time. You won't regret it.
  • At first, I was nervous because I wasn't sure if I should purchase this particular dress form since it was a big commitment and I might have gone with a "cheaper" version, because well yeah, it's cheap.

    Don't. It is so worth it. The price is actually very reasonable and I already know this product will last me a lifetime. It is worth spending the amount, and the Shop Company will not let you down.

    The quality is absolutely stunning. It came exactly as pictured, in the right size. It wasn't as heavy as I imagined (only the stand is heavy, and rightfully so). I feel like my work has skyrocketed and I'm only limited to how much draping I can do with this particular dress form. It came in on time, and was very easy to assemble with the instructions provided. I was able to to it by myself despite my prior doubts!

    And yes. Collapsible shoulders people. It's a necessity.

    Worth every penny.
07/12/14 06:23 PM
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Lauren -
Perfect Dress Form
  • This dress form is everything I wanted and more. The base is heavy cast iron, and it feels so sturdy. It looks great too - perfect for draping and working on patterns but also for photographing finished garments. The collapsible shoulders are genius.
07/11/14 02:58 PM
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Dayna -
  • And I haven't even used it yet. But being an owner or other dress forms this is by far the best. I'm so happy to have came across this site. This product is of great quality and sturdy. I'm very satisfied and I can't wait until my next order.
    It came exactly as pictured.
    I'm a very satisfied customer.
27/06/14 05:15 PM
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Pearl -
Everything I expected
  • This is my third dress form and by far the best. I am a seamstress and have been frustrated with my 2 adjustable forms because they are cheaply made and the gaps make draping nearly impossible. I will be starting a new wedding gown very soon and ordered this dress form in the size that is the closest to the brides. I shopped around and looked at many other dress forms and found this one to be the best bang for my buck. This dress form seems to be well made with it's sturdy body and heavy base. It doesn't wobble, the wheels roll easily and the foot pedal effortlessly raises and lowers the unit. It arrived promptly and the assembly was easy. I will definitely purchase my next dress form from this company.
16/06/14 09:32 PM
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Dusty T. -
Excellent Form For Price
  • This is a great dress form! It is sturdy, was super easy to put together and the shipping is cheaper on here than any other site. The collapsible shoulders are a must and the cage is excellent for hemming and I think necessary if you are planning to make gowns and long dresses or if you like to cut hemlines directly once garment is hanging, like I do. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get a professional dress form and will buy again if I ever need to get another one. Thanks so much for the extremely fast shipping as well. It came in only 3 days!
25/05/14 10:29 AM
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Pippy -
Great Form
  • I received my dress form last week and love it! This really is the cheapest form with shipping I could find with collapsible shoulders. The collapsible shoulders really are a big deal and you should spend the extra money to have them. I love the cage at the bottom as it helps with hemming skirts if you need it. My left side seam on my form was off by a half an inch though compared to my right side, so I had to re-pin a new side seam, which is nothing major. Just be aware that forms are never perfect and you will have to re-mark or use style tape to get your perfect fit anyways. Overall, I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a great dress form for an amazing price. The shipping was super fast too, which I greatly appreciate as this was a birthday gift to myself.
23/05/14 10:11 AM
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Darci -
Excellent product for the price
  • I considered purchasing an adjustable form and am so glad I decided against it! I've checked out the adjustable ones in stores and they are very cheap and flimsy. They also leave edges and gaps between their panels.

    This one seems to be just like other much higher-priced ones I was looking at. It's very solid and looks very well-made. The collapsible shoulders are going to come in handy for things like tank tops made from wovens.

    Adjustable is tempting because none of us is shaped like an "average size" but anything you get will probably need a bit of altering to duplicate your real-life form. Might as well get something decent that will last.
17/04/14 12:55 PM
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Sam -
Great dress form for the price!
  • I am new to the tailoring business so I didn't have a lot of money to spend on a dress form. After doing a lot of research, I chose this dress form because it is partially pinnable, sturdy, easy to adjust up and down, has collapsible shoulders, and is reasonably priced. It arrived three days after I ordered it and was very easy to put together. I am very happy with it!
17/04/14 09:59 AM
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Jeanne -
As Promised
  • This product is far superior to any other body dress form I have owned. It was easy to assemble, it has a strong support, and deliver was quick and easy to track. Outstanding! I'm so pleased.
27/02/14 11:29 AM
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Kate -
collapsible shoulders are a must!
  • I'd been looking for an extra small dress form for my vintage store for a number of weeks. A lot of 50's dresses have metal side zippers that are nearly impossible to shimmy over mannequins shoulders. I had at first been interested in a vintage Wolf or Bauman dress form but they're nearly impossible to find in small (23/24") waist sizes and when you CAN find them they tend to cost more than $300+.

    This arrived speedily (2 day shipping from NJ to PA) and was very easy to put together. I had a bit of a panic when the pole would not clamp internally to adjust the height of the dress form. I then started to take it apart and realized that the bolt at the end of the pole had come undone and just needed to be screwed back on. As soon as I did that it worked perfectly!

    So, I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled with the quality (in comparison to my wolf form, the linen isn't of the same quality, but it isn't cheap either), the shoulders collapse seamlessly and it adjusts well. If I needed more I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from The Shop Company! The customer service has been wonderful (the chat function has really been nice) and I would absolutely suggest both the dress form and The Shop Company to anyone looking for a dress form!
14/02/14 06:15 PM
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Raven -
Great form
  • Ordered yesterday and it arrived today, as promised for an NYC delivery. The assembly instructions were clear and I had it out of the box and together within five minutes.

    She's sturdy, pinnable, the height adjustment is easy and holds well, and the shoulder collapse mechanism works well. Can't wait to start draping with her!
19/12/13 09:38 PM
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Francine -
get the collapsible shoulders!
  • clothing fits a lot better with the collapsible shoulder option. Bought the non collapsible thinking to save money and had to exchange it for this one.
19/12/13 11:01 AM
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Rick Maldanato -
will definitely order more
  • I have just received my second form from you guys and I love her. I will need some of the larger sizes in the future and I will definitely order from you guys again. Thanks a lot!
12/03/13 03:30 PM
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Alberto G. -
Very Nice For The Price
  • This is a very well built form especially considering that most of those I found online are three or four times the price. The service was very helpful and the shipping was surprisingly fast. I would definitely recommend this form for anyone serious about tailoring and not spending a fortune trying to do so.
27/08/13 02:12 PM
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