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The Counter Display Case mini guide
what are counter display cases

What are counter display cases?

Counter display cases are a form of showcase where the products are viewable from one side and accessible from the other. The other forms of showcases are middle floor and wall display cases

the different types of showcases

Who uses counter showcases?

Counter display cases are used mainly by retail stores to separate the clerk from the customer, where the clerk can access the products and the customer can only view them.

the four visions of counter display cases

The four visions

Counter showcases are built of a combination of a glass display area (‘vision’ - for the customer) and a storage area (for the clerk - in the wooden base). Different types of stores require different configurations of this ratio. Jewelry stores, for example, only need to display a single row of very small products at the top of the display. Some stores might want to have only the glass display area (‘extra vision’).

combinations to create counter corners

Combine to create shapes and corners

There are several different types of counter showcases which can be joined together to create the perfect counter shape for your store. Each ‘vision’ series has their own set of pieces.

help with retail store counters

Need help designing your store’s counters?

We offer a massive amount of configurations and customizations, so if you need any help please do not hesitate to reach out to us.