New Product Ideas for The Shop Company

New Product Ideas?

What product would you like us to add? Due to the extreme popularity of our professional dress forms (here) amongst discerning seamstresses and fashion designers, we have decided to focus our company toward professional crafting/ fashion design equipment. We are looking high and low for our next great product to introduce. However, no research will mean as much to us as advice from our own customers! Which product do you have trouble finding with both great quality and great price? What would you like to see us carry?

Oh, and one more thing: we will be giving out free editions of the winning product ideas to the ones who suggested them^.

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^ restrictions apply. Limited to five free giveaways per winning product suggestion (the first five people to suggest a winning product idea will be awarded the giveaways). The giveaways will only be on items priced less than $400 (items higher than $400 will be left to our discretion).