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display cases

what are showcases and display cases

What are showcases?

A showcase, or display case, is a piece of furniture designed to display an object behind a pane(s) of glass or plastic (a ‘case’ that ‘displays’).

the different types of showcases

What are the different types of showcases?

Showcases can be split up into three categories: counter, middle floor, and wall. Counter showcases are built to display products through one side (customer side) and is accessed from the other side (clerk side). Wall and corner cases display through one side and are accessed through that same side. Middle floor cases display and allow access (depending on the configuration) from all sides.

who uses showcases

Who uses showcases?

Counter showcases, which separate the clerk from the customer, are used primarily by retail stores (jewelry, technology, etc.). Middle floor and wall showcases are used all over from stores to museums and schools. They are even heavily used by consumers for their houses and are especially good for showcasing private collections.

difference between pre-assembled and knockdown

Pre-assembled or ‘knockdown’?

Showcases generally ship in one of two ways: pre-assembled or ‘knockdown’. Knockdown showcases are shipped in pieces (similar to Ikea furniture) and require the customer to assemble. Generally, these showcases are a bit cheaper, are of poorer quality and can often arrive missing pieces. Pre-assembled, on the other hand, are usually of better quality (will last longer) and almost never arrive missing parts. Currently, The Shop Company offers only high quality pre-assembled and pre-tested showcase.

more information about showcases

Need to know more?

We have written extensive product descriptions and have drawn up accurate diagrams to better help you in your quest for the perfect showcase. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us should you have any questions or concerns.