Professional Female Full Body Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders and Legs

Professional Female Full Body Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders and Legs

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  • Collapsible Shoulders - the form's shoulders can be collapsed and expanded for the ultimate flexibility and ease for use with tighter fitting clothing.
  • Removable Arms - an upgradable feature, these forms come with two full arms which can be easily attached and detached from the form.
  • Canvas Cover - beautiful, elegant, and durable, our canvas cover is designed to hold up very well to quite a bit of pinning abuse
  • Super Heavy Duty Base - the most solid cast iron base of our professional forms ensures the very ultimate stability for your form. The height of the form can be adjusted through the base pedal.
  • Available in sizes 0-20 - some sizes do occasionally go out of stock for a few weeks. Sizes 14, 16, 18 and 20 will arrive May/ June. If the size you are interested in does not show up in the 'size' dropdown below, please let us know and we can add your email to the waiting list.
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Size Chart (all measurements are in inches)

(circ. widest part)
(circ. narrowest part)
(circ. widest part)
(neck base to end)
bust spread
(apex to apex)
back width
(widest part)
front length
(neck base to waist)
back length
(neck base to waist)
(front waist to back waist)
(inner thigh to bottom)
(outer thigh to bottom)
(circ. widest part)
(circ. widest part)
(circ. widest part)

Awesome form but the measurements don't add up exactly to your every curve? Pair your form with The Ultimate Fitting System at 40% off list price for practically unlimited fitting options!

  • Professional - heavy duty form and pinnable
  • Quality Canvas - not only for aesthetics, the high quality canvas material can withstand the brutal pinning that tailors like to subject these forms to.
  • Collapsible Shoulders - shoulders can easily contract (by squeezing them together) and expand (through squeezing again) to get the perfect design (the second image shows the form with the shoulders collapsed).
  • Adjustable - the torso can be raised or lower on the base through pressing your foot down on the base pedal and lifting or lowering the torso at the same time.
  • Sizes - 11 different sizes so you can design (or show) whatever you wish (each size has its number printed on the front - the images above are of the size 2)
  • Full Body - create or show form fitting pants with the padded legs in this uniquely styled form.
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Thomas G. Jr. -
very nice form
  • My design career has me working with many different forms on almost a daily basis and this new gal is slowly becoming my favorite go-to form
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Jenny -
Way way better than I was expecting
  • complete body forms are usually in the range of $2000 so I was a bit nervous to get this one for a 1/4 of the price. It is an excellent form and very comparable to the $2000 models I have used in the past. The base is very heavy so the form is nicely stable. I like that the shoulders collapse even with the arms clicked in. It is an overall stunning form that should be priced much higher - but I'm not complaining :)
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NH -
Impressive customer service
  • I bought this as a gift for my wife so I can't speak as much to the quality of the form (although she seems really happy with it). I can speak to the company. While there was a hint of a problem with availability of the model I ordered the company let me know what was going on and when they heard what I needed they went above and beyond in making sure I got it. I could not have asked for more responsive or positive interaction with the customer service rep. Ultimately they came through with the product exactly as requested and on time. Quality of product is important, but for me so as the quality of the people you're dealing with. Happy to say Ali and the rest of the team at the shop company helped my wife have a very happy birthday.
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Rebecca -
Excellent form at an excellent price
  • I had researched dressforms for at least 2 months before finally deciding that this was the one for me. This was even though it was going to cost money to import it to the UK. I am so pleased that I did as, having just taken possession of it I see it is of the best quality and does exactly what I wanted it to do.
    The form itself is very sturdy and solid but with enough padding to allow pins to easily and smoothly push through the fabric at an angle. The stand is heavy but easily manoeuvrable on the four heavy duty castors (two of which lock to prevent unwanted movement). It is also easy to turn the form on the stand if you want to work on the reverse. This can then be locked into position with the pin at the top so it no longer spins around.
    I imported the form through the MyUS shipping company as recommended by TSC. I found MyUS to be excellent in keeping me informed of the whereabouts of my package and it arrived very quickly once I initiated the delivery service. The longest hold up was at UK BorderForce as they clearly felt the need to survey the contents of the box, which given that there was a body-form in there was no surprise!
    This dressform ticks all the boxes for me at an affordable price, I fully recommend it and the company.
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Sas -
Professional full female body with arms
  • Set up within 5 minutes. No issues. Extremely pleased with this form. Very sturdy and well made. Paid for arms. Wish they were bendable, but they are fine. They will knock off easily, but that's probably designed to do so.
    Collapsible mechanism in arms is helpful. Although form and base are heavy, it is very easy to manuver, adjust and lift form. Just started draping, and so far pins go in nicely at angle. Able to adjust for long torso using padding. Very good price for what you get. I may get another form in different size. If so, I will order from this company. Needed a form that accomodates various sizes and for taller sizes, and wasn't Cheaply made. So glad I went with this one after months of research. Spoke to representative who did her best to answer questions in respectful manner. Her claims proved to be accurate. Highly recommend. I never write reviews, but this product is outstanding.
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Kass -
Top Quality
  • I am completely impressed with this dress form. Recently I was looking for a male and female dress form to test patterns for my business, but we have a small budget and the professional dress forms I'd prices elsewhere were completely out of our price range. These forms are perfect. They are extremely high quality (the same quality I saw with the more well-known dress form companies) and easy to assemble. Shipping was quick and efficient (five days from order to my doorstep). The forms are beautiful. I could not be more pleased. I anticipate using them heavily for many years. I may even buy more sizes now that I know the quality is so high.
Verified Buyer 12/09/16
  • more than 1 year(s)
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designer -
  • The quality was well beyond my expectations for a price much below my expectations. I have used Wolf Forms in the past - this form is just as good at like a quarter of the cost.
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Klee -
Fashion Designer
  • I liked the form I was given. The quality is good. However, I do wish I would have bought the form with arms. Overall, it was a good buy and I would recommend this form to people who want a full body form to work with.
Verified Buyer 05/11/16
  • more than 2 year(s)
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Mmaro -
Good product no instructions
  • I love the form, it is definitely professional. Maybe they assume I am professional and don't need adequate instructions on how to assemble it. One sheet a paper explaining nothing is included. My boyfriend put it together but then gave up on it because he deciphered from the sheet the pedal is supposed to lower it but doesn't. I took the spring off because it is hanging way too high in the air.
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Lynne -
Home Sewist
  • I have the professional full body female dress form with arms. It is of excellent quality. (Just what I expected from all the other stellar reviews, but even so, I was quite impressed with the overall quality. I anticipate many happy years of use.
    The sales staff ("Ann") was extremely patient and helpful with my many questions about which size to order. And the form arrived quickly and safely. I did find the assembly directions remarkably difficult to understand and follow. (This is not generally a problem for me.) There is a Youtube video which was helpful. But there were inconsistencies in the paper instructions, the video and the design of the actual product which complicated matters. When it's all sorted out, it actually isn't so difficult to do, but the figuring out was daunting.
    After I finally got everything together, I couldn't get the height adjust to work. (It turns out that it was stiffer than I expected. I wasn't using enough force to lift it up or haul it back down. it does move easier with a bit of repetition. (I don't anticipate having to change it very often, so this isn't going to be more than a minor and infrequent, inconvenience.) When I called thinking it was jammed (or defective) Ann was (again) extremely helpful. And although I sorted things out on my own, I got the feeling that she would have kept at it until everything worked to my satisfaction. I have only used it briefly, but like it very much and expect to be even more pleased with it the more I use it.
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Thomas -
perfect for my needs!
  • I am designing costumes for a play and this form is perfect for the leggings. It was delivered on time and I found them to be much cheaper than some of the other sellers on the internet
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