How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Metal Tripod Base
all pieces for mannequin dress form on metal tripod base

step 1.

removing the screws from the mannequin dress form metal tripod center

Use a Phillips screwdriver (not provided) to remove the three screws from the bottom of the tripod center cylinder.

step 2.

attaching tripod legs to the mannequin dress form metal central cylinder

For each of the three metal tripod legs insert the upper lip through the square hole in the along the height of the cylinder and screw the bottom lip into the underside of the base (basically re-screw the previously removed screw into its socket - only now with the leg in place).

step 3.

preparing the pole of the mannequin dress form metal tripod base

Use the Allen wrench (included) to remove the screw and the small twisted metal ring from the underside of the pole.

step 4.

attaching the mannequin dressform pole to the metal tripod base

Slip the small twisted ring into the hole on the top of the metal tripod base and the screw through the hole on the underside. Try to have the screw pass through the ring as well. Then, insert the bottom of the pole through the top of the base and use the Allen wrench to secure the pole to the base using the previously inserted screw.

step 5.

different mannequin dress form configurations

The body of the dress form can be attached to the pole either from the center or from the side. Generally, the dress form is attached at the center as this is where it is most stable. Should you wish to display pants/ trousers on the form, the pole should be inserted through the side hole (after, of course, the dress form is wearing the pants/ trousers).

Note: should you wish to attach the pole through the hole on its side, it would be best to push as much of the pole through the hole as possible (see diagram). Fastening the side hole to the very top of the pole will cause the dress form to lean to the other side.

The height of the dress form can be adjusted by raising and then tightening the top pole.

step 6.

attaching the mannequin dress form cap

The cap is attached on top of the neck of the dress form by either securing in inside the neck hole or over the neck hole, depending on the type of the cap you had ordered.

Note: For reasons beyond our control, some of the caps might be unequally sized - resulting in a difficult fit. Generally, this issue can be completely resolved by gently squeezing the neck and applying slight pressure when attaching the cap. Should it prove to be too difficult, please contact us and we will gladly send you a replacement.

and finally...

finished mannequin dress form on metal rolling base
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