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company news

This is where we place news and other interesting information about our company, The Shop Company.
  1. Eva Mendes and NY&Co. use T.S.C. Dress Forms in Photo Shoot

    Eva Mendes posing with a TSC dress form

    Well, it looks like we are not the only ones who love our unique store displays (Eva Mendes promoting her new NY&Co. clothing line).

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  2. Put Your Hands In The Air

    new line of mannequin hands for jewelry and gloves

    Put your hands in the air our latest products - hands for display.

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  3. What Happened To All Of Our Dressforms?

    Can you find a TSC dressform?

    We sent out way too many dressforms in July... are our customers raising a dressform army?

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  4. Mannequin Rentals For NYC and Beyond

    our TSC mannequins in use by SpinExpo under our new mannequin rental program

    "To rent, or to buy, that is the question" - Introducing our new mannequin rental service for NYC and other areas.

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  5. Goodbye House of Display, Welcome The Shop Company!

    goodbye House of Display, Welcome The Shop Company!

    Well, we finally did it. The switch from to the all new is complete. While we have only just begun the many improvements planned for the new company, this post explains which improvements have already been initiated (as of this writing) as well as our motives for the change.

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