Eva Mendes and NY&Co. use T.S.C. Dress Forms in Photo Shoot
Eva Mendes posing with The Shop Company dress forms during the NY&Co. shoot for her new clothing line

There is little more gratifying for our company than to see our customers so happy with our products that they dance with them. You can imagine our mood when we saw the American actress/ model/ singer/ homeware (and now clothing) designer Eva Mendes swooning with our dress forms.

It is becoming a fashionable trend to for clothing photography to be done on a dress form instead of (or in addition to) live models. Besides for the fact that dress forms are cheaper, available any time and do not distract the customer (as striking live models do), they also lend an artsy/ tailored look to the product. In fact, most of the new Eva Mendes NY&Co. product line was shot with dress forms (here).

Below, we have included the behind the shoot video as an example of how dress forms can be used