Introducing the TSC Dress Form Size Finder Tool
formula for our dress form size finder

After extensive discussions with leading fit experts, after solidifying our years of experience and feedback with form sizing and after deeply technical calculations, we are proud to announce our brand new TSC Dress Form Size Finder tool. This tool, accessible on every webpage from the top header, is designed to offer you the best dress form size based on your measurements. It is calculated to show results for all of our Professional Dress Form models. Simply enter in your basic measurements (bust, waist and hips), your gender and your general body height (average, very tall or very short) and watch our tool perform its magic and show you the dress form size which will best match your body.

Although the actual calculations used by this tool are quite complex, the premise is really pretty simple. Our dress forms come in basic sizes - 0, 2, 4, 6, etc. - each with their own measurements. All of the dress form measurements are shown in the charts on each product page and are the same throughout our different models in that gender (for instance, the size 2 in the Professional Female Dress Form with Collapsible Shoulders has the same measurements as the size 2 in our Professional Female Dress Form with Removable Arms). Most people do not line up exactly with one of our form sizes - they often fall in between two or more sizes. For instance, it is quite common for someone to have their bust measurement match up with our size 6 but their waist and hips are closer to our size 10 number. In circumstances like these, we always advise on choosing the smaller of the sizes and just adding some padding to the dress form in those areas which need it. You can always add padding to a smaller dress form to increase its measurements but you can never remove parts of the form to decrease its measurements. In the example above, the better size would be the size 6 (which would match her bust measurements) and then just pad up the waist and hip areas to the size 10 numbers. If she were to have gotten the size 10 form instead, even though it would be a match for her waist and hips, the bust on the dress form would be too large and there would be no way to decrease that bust measurement.

You can easily add any type of padding to a dress form and just cover it over with a tight tshirt or similar to hold the padding in place and hide the padding. We carry the Fabulous Fit Padding Kit which comes with an entire array of body contoured pads which you can easily add to the dress form. It also comes with a durable stretch cover to hold the pads in place and cover them up. This is an excellent solution created by the fitting geniuses at Fabulous Fit and we highly recommend it.

The TSC Dress Form Size Finder tool will also explain why it choose the form size and offer alternative sizes as well. There is an option there to put this information into an email you can then send us in case you have any questions. We have spent quite a bit of time perfecting this Size Finder tool with hopes of helping our customers. We would love to hear what you think about it.