How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Steel Hanging Base
all pieces for mannequin dress form on steel colored metal hanging base

step 1.

removing screw from mannequin dress form base pole

Use the Allen wrench (should be provided) to remove the screw from the bottom of the wooden pole.

step 2.

attaching steel colored pole to the flat platform for mannequin dress form metal hanging base

Insert the screw through the underside of the flat metal platform (the side on which the hole is wider is the underside) and secure it to the metal pole. Use the Allen wrench to fasten them together well (to best avoid a shaky or leaning stand).

step 3.

attaching the mannequin dress form cap

The cap is attached on top of the neck of the dress form by either securing in inside the neck hole or over the neck hole, depending on the type of the cap you had ordered.

Note: For reasons beyond our control, some of the caps might be unequally sized - resulting in a difficult fit. Generally, this issue can be completely resolved by gently squeezing the neck and applying slight pressure when attaching the cap. Should it prove to be too difficult, please contact us and we will gladly send you a replacement.

and just like that you have...

finished mannequin dress form on metal hanging base