How Not To Use Mannequins

Here at the The Shop Company we spend so much time writing and talking to customers how to use mannequins that we decided to take a break and create a list of ways not to use mannequins. The following is our short - but growing - list of things you should not use mannequins for.

You should not use mannequins...

  1. at all - if you are in Mumbai and use them to display lingerie - Officials there seek to ban the use of such mannequins in attempt to bring down the high rate of sex crimes as these mannequins cause “pollution of the minds” among the male population (source). The type of mannequin below is definitely out.
    sexy mannequins that are definitely illegal in Mumbai
  2. as key witnesses - especially if it requires intimate contact (female trial viewers distracted over the mannequin demo in the Zimmerman case)
    zimmerman lawyers using mannequin as key witness
  3. as a passenger to cheat the HOV lane requirement - these people are always seem to get caught (source)
    using a mannequin to cheat the HOV lane requirements
  4. to cause traffic accidents - this is just scary (source)
    mannequin on top of billboard sign
  5. as companions - they will not really laugh at your jokes cry with your sorrow and they are actually quite arrogant.
    Justin Beiber kissing a mannequin head
  6. to anger your customers - it’s just not good for sales (source)
    mannequin giving middle finger to customers
  7. to show customers the problems with your clothing - no explanation needed (source)
    mannequin pulling a wedgie

for everything else, use The Shop Company's mannequins ;)