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  1. Mannequin Rentals For NYC and Beyond

    our TSC mannequins in use by SpinExpo under our new mannequin rental program

    "To rent, or to buy, that is the question" - Introducing our new mannequin rental service for NYC and other areas.

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  2. How Not To Use Mannequins

    how not to use mannequins

    We spend so much time explaining how to use mannequins we decided to take a break and show how NOT to use mannequins.

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  3. Window Mannequins and Floor Mannequins

    window mannequins in a Topshop store

    Window mannequins and floor mannequins have a unique function in every store and, if utilized properly, can be really powerful advertising and selling tools for your store.

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  4. The Fiberglass Salesman - Mannequin Selling Power

    dressed fiberglass female mannequins in window of clothing store

    The numbers for our survey are complete! Clothing that stores place on mannequins sell up to 75% faster and here are the reasons why.

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  5. Goodbye House of Display, Welcome The Shop Company!

    goodbye House of Display, Welcome The Shop Company!

    Well, we finally did it. The switch from to the all new is complete. While we have only just begun the many improvements planned for the new company, this post explains which improvements have already been initiated (as of this writing) as well as our motives for the change.

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  6. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Metal Tabletop Base

    all the pieces for the flat metal tabletop dressform base

    The tabletop dress form is a staple among clothing stores for use on their display tables and clothing shelves. This post explains the simple few steps needed to properly assemble the tabletop dressform base.

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  7. The Mannequin Guide

    several mannequins for our Mannequin Guide

    There are hundreds of different types of mannequins in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials and not everyone is a perfect fit for your store. In this article, we explain what the difference between these mannequins are and how you can use them to improve your store.

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  8. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Metal Rolling Base

    The most popular of our dressform bases, the rolling metal dress form base allows store owners to easily roll the forms around their store. It is also quite simple to assemble so long as these simple steps are followed.

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  9. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Wood Tripod Base

    assembly instructions for our wooden tripod dressform base

    The wooden tripod base is the most classic dressform base out there. Little can compare to the overall look of the color-accented wood. These are the few steps necessary to properly assemble them.

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  10. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Metal Tripod Base

    our assembly instructions for our metal tripod dressform base

    The metal tripod is a variation on the classic wooden tripod base. They give the impression of classic style with a modern sleek metal twist. This guide explains how to properly put them together.

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