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Professional Dress Forms

Professional Female Half Body Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders and Removable Arms

97% of 100

Professional Dress Forms

Professional Female Half Body Dress Form w/ Collapsible Shoulders and Removable Arms

97% of 100
  • Collapsible Shoulders - the form's shoulders can be collapsed and expanded for the ultimate flexibility and ease for use with tighter fitting clothing.
  • Canvas Cover - beautiful, elegant, and durable, our fabric is designed to hold up very well to quite a bit of pinning abuse. Bottom cage is removable.
  • Super Heavy Duty Base - the cast iron base ensures the ultimate stability for your form. The height of the form can be adjusted through the base pedal.
  • Shipping and Returns +
  • Shipping is free within continental United States. We also offer hugely discounted shipping rates (over 75% off!) for international orders.

    In stock sizes are typically delivered within 1-6 business days. We ship from Lakewood, New Jersey with Fedex and USPS.

    We accept returns for a complete refund. Learn more here.

  • assembly instructions
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Inches | Centimeters
(circ. widest part)
(circ. narrowest part)
(circ. widest part)
(neck base to end)
bust spread
(apex to apex)
back width
(widest part)
front length
(neck base to waist)
back length
(neck base to waist)
(front waist to back waist)
(inner thigh to bottom)
(outer thigh to bottom)
(circ. widest part)
(circ. widest part)
(circ. widest part)
* for full body version
About the Form & FAQ+

Fashion Design Powerhouse

The TSC Professional Dress Form line is the utlimate in fashion design. A wide range of functions and sizes available together with our durable quality, these forms will keep on performing. From aspiring designers to international clothing brands, our professional form line is a must have.

Pinnabitlity - our forms are built for pinning. The torso is molded as a tough inner fiberglass core which is then covered by a layer of foam and then the outer durable canvas layer. Both of these outer layers can hold pins (though the pins need to be inserted at an angle) and are designed to withstand a much pinning abuse to allow this form to keep on performing.

Removable Full Arms

Get even more flexibility for your designs with our removable and rotatable full arms and unique click-on system. The arms are designed relative to the size of the form. The form can be used with or without the arms.

Collapsible Shoulders

For dealing with tight-fitting clothing, the Collapsible Shoulders function is a must to prevent the garment from damage when putting it on - or removing it from - the form. Simply squeeze both shoulders inwards and the form will lock into place in its "collapsed" narrower position (to remove or put on the garment). Squeeze the shoulders again to re-expand the form.

  • Do you provide assembly instructions?

    There are assembly instructions included with every form package. We also have a link to the online version of these instructions in the bullet points above. For additional help on correctly installing the adjustable pole, please see this PDF.

    We are also working on a detailed video assembly guide which should become available here soon.

  • Which are the most important measurements?

    The most important measurements for your dress form would be the three basic ones - bust, waist and hips. Generally speaking, the other measurements should be easy to compensate for.

  • I am falling in between several or your sizes. Which one should I get?

    Falling in between sizes is actually very common - most people do not match up exactly with one of our sizes. To get an exact match, we usually advise on choosing the smaller of the sizes and padding up where necessary. The reason for this is that you can always pad a smaller form up in size (in those areas where your numbers are higher) but you can never pad a larger form down in size (in those areas where your numbers are lower).

    For example, if your measurements happen to be bust: 34", waist: 31" and hips: 39", we would advise on getting the size 4 (bust 33.5", waist 25" and hips 35") and simply use some padding to bump up the waist and hips measurements to be an exact match. The size 6 would usually also work in this case (because the bust variation of 0.5" is very small).

    You can use any type of padding to adjust the measurements, but using the Fabulous Fit Padding System will make the adjusting very easy.

    Please also feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

  • How important is it to find an exact match?

    This will really depend on your requirements. We have found that for basic fitting, small differences in sizing are usually very easy to compensate for. These small variations will often not even be noticeable because it is small when factored around the entire circumference of the form.

    If you are using the Fabulous Fit Padding System you should be able to get the form to be an exact match. The padding kits come with a stretch cover which fits over the pads to cover them up (and also holds the pads in place). The form will look solid and complete afterwards.

  • What about petite (short) or tall people?

    Most of the measurements on our chart are "horizontal measurements" (such as the bust, waist and hips). It is also important to factor in the "vertical measurements" as well - meaning the vertical space in between these measurements. The important vertical measurements to check out would be the front length (neck base to waist) or the back length (neck base to waist). These specific measurements are a bit hard to take by yourself so if the numbers are off a bit it is usually not an issue.

    Our forms are designed for the so-called "average" height. For most people in this wider range, the forms work very well. However, those who are especially short or especially tall might find that, although their horizontal measurements do match up with those of a specific size on our chart, the vertical distance between those measurements (front or back length) are off. On an especially short person, their vertical measurements will be much smaller and on an especially tall person, their vertical measurements will be much larger.

    For such circumstances we advise on using the Fabulous Fit Padding System to correct this measurement. This is actually one of the primary uses of the padding kit. For an especially short individual, you would simply place the kit's hip pads (those specially contoured in a hip shape) on the form slightly higher that the form's actual hip area. This would then create a "new" higher hip area, which would thus shorten the vertical distance between these measurements. For an especially tall person, you would simply place these hip pads lower on the form than the form's actual hip area. This would then create a "new" lower hip area thus lengthing the form's vertical measurements.

  • Do you manufacture custom forms?

    We only have our forms in the fixed sizes offered. Custom forms can cost many times more than one of our fixed size forms which can easily be adapted and made custom by using padding or the Fabulous Fit Padding System. Using padding, you will also be able to continuously adjust the form when necessary and you will not be stuck with one specific and expensive custom size. Let's face it, the human body changes measurements all the time.

  • I am starting / already have a clothing brand with customers in all sizes. Do I need to get the forms in every single size?

    If you will be using the forms all at once or need to alternate quickly between the sizes, it would be best to have all the sizes at your disposal. Otherwise, you should be ok with some evenly spaced sizes (say a 0, 6, 10, 16 and 20 - for example) and just use the Fabulous Fit Padding System to cover the difference between the sizes. The padding kit can raise a form several sizes (and all the customizations in between).

  • What is a "pre order"? Can I be added to a waiting list for a missing size?

    We try to keep all of our sizes in all of our models in stock. But it is difficult to do this all the time and we do occaisionally run out of stock on some sizes. If the size you want is out of stock, it might be helpful to check for the size in another model as the same size might still be available there.

    Pre Order: We intend on restocking any missing size. Sometimes, the restock has already been manufactured and is en route to our warehouse. For these sizes, we do allow pre-orders. Sizes which will very soon be in stock are listed in blue. Selecting one of these sizes will show the expected ship date (the date by which we will have received and can ship our new inventory) and it will change the "Add to Cart" button to "Pre Order". Preorders are paid for at the time of the order and are shipped when they arrive. There is currently no way to 'reserve' a pre order size without being charged.

    Out of Stock: These are sizes which we will be restocking only that they are not on our next shipment. These sizes are marked in red and cannot be preordered. However, selecting the size will cause a sign up form to appear. You can register with this form to receive a notification when the size you want will be made available for preorder.

  • Do you ship outside the United States?

    Yes! As of July 2019 we are proud to announce that we are now able to ship our forms worldwide. The "Free Shipping" promotion is only for continental United States however we do now offer substatially discounted shipping rates for international orders. Shipping rates and options should be shown on the shopping cart page and on the checkout page. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. Depending on the country, there might be customs import fees or similar (which will be billed by either your country's import department or the shipping carrier you use). Our website does not charge these fees.

    We do not ship directly outside of continental United States, however, we have partnered with a prominent freight forwarder who can arrange for international shipping. The details of this program can be found here. We do have many international customers using this program. Please let us know if you have any questions about international shipping.

  • Do you accept purchase orders for large orders?

    We do accept valid purchase orders from schools and larger brands. Please contact us beforehand should you require a quote or any other information. Purchase orders can be sent to us at

  • Do you offer financing or options to pay in installments?

    Yup! As of 2019, we now offer financing options through our partner Klarna. Payments can be broken up into 4 equal installments - just select Klarna during checkout.

  • Do you offer discounts for students?

    Yes! As of January 2021 we are proud to introduce our student discount program. Please see here for details.


Awesome form but the measurements don't add up exactly to your every curve? Pair your form with The Ultimate Fitting System at over 30% off list price for practically unlimited fitting options!

note: the cage underneath can easily be removed.

  • Professional - heavy duty form and partially pinnable (perfect for tailoring or even for displaying merchandise in a unique style). Partially Pinnable means that pins can be stuck in at an angle (which is how it is usually done) instead of in directly.
  • Quality Canvas - not only for aesthetics, the high quality canvas material can withstand the brutal pinning that tailors like to subject these forms to.
  • Adjustable - the torso can be raised or lower on the base through pressing your foot down on the base pedal and lifting or lowering the torso at the same time.
  • Sizes - 11 different sizes so you can design (or show) whatever you wish (each size has its number printed on the front - the images above are of the size 2)
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