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  1. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Steel Hanging Base

    assembly instructions for our metal hanging dressform base

    The metal hanging base is our newest configuration for our dressforms. It offers a completely different look than the other bases and allows for more flexibility in placement and dressing. This post explains the simple steps needed to correctly assemble this base.

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  2. How To Assemble a Dress Form with the Wood Round Base

    our assembly instructions for the round wooden dressform base

    An alternative to the tripod base while still retaining the classic wooden look, these round bases have actually become quite a popular choice for dress forms. This guide explains how to best assemble these bases.

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  3. The Dress Form Guide

    a random assortment of dress forms, standard and professional

    "What is a dress form and how are they different from mannequins?", "which body form should I use for my store?", "which dress form is best for tailoring?" - in this article, we attempt to answer all of these questions and to guide our readers to the best dressform (or mannequin) that would best suite their needs.

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  4. Mannequins and Dressforms: Who Uses What

    which stores use which mannequins

    To make the selection of which mannequin or which dressform should be used for the store, we have begun to compile a 'who use what' list. We will be continually adding to this list, so be sure to check back often.

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